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Cheat sheets for drawing with 53’s Paper app

From Sebastian, he is far more talented in drawing than I do. So far this is the best cheat sheet I have ever seen.

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Smart Dot

An interesting product, very helpful for people who do a lot of presentation.

Stop. Crying. About. Free. Services.

People like Zuckerberg and Page aren’t (that) evil. They run companies, big ones. And big companies exist for one reason: profitability. Sure they could have charged us upfront, but let’s be honest, had Facebook charged every user $5, social networks wouldn’t be where they are today. Had Google chosen to charge an annual subscription rate, search would not be as prevalent in all of our lives. We adopted these technologies because they were free; we embraced them because they were free. And free will always come at a cost. So please stop feigning outrage every time one of these useful services finds a way to continue to exist.

Google Glasses: A New Way to Hurt Yourself

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Titanic SUPER 3D (by PistolShrimps)

Hilarious. And. Mind. Blown.

A new, awesome looking stocks app for the iPhone, is now free only for today, so grab your copy now.
PS: Click on the photo to be redirect to the App Store.

Photo Upload Issue


Some users may be experiencing issues with photos. Our engineers are looking into this issue.

Ah, that explains why I can’t view any pic.twitter.com photo on Twitter all morning.

Everybody is ditching Google Maps

I think Apple, Foursquare and Wikipedia have made a great move.

Although I really love the new update of Tweetbot that was pushed out yesterday, I still feel there is something missing that the developers should have added into the iCloud syncing goodness. And I finally realized that they have missed out “Drafts Syncing” - the feature that I have always wanted Tweetbot to have.

Titanic 100 - New CGI of How Titanic Sank (by NationalGeographic)

Bada bing, bada boom - That’s exactly what we are looking for.